The Served Became Servants

Merry Christmas to one and all,

 The children in the home in Sierra Leone are anxious and busy for their Christmas celebration.   They along with Pastor Rogers's church are hosting a retreat.  They are expecting two thousand people to attend.  As school has closed for the holidays, the Christian school is being converting into an inn to house guest that come from afar.  The field between the school and the children's home will be setup up with bamboo walls and thatched roofs to provide shade for the people attending the services and teachings.  Our children will be ministering to them, providing for their basic needs, assisting with kitchen duties, and participating in the praise and worship teams.  A few of the pigs are being donated by the children to add to the feast.  The generator will be stressed to the limit as the sound system and lights boom into the night sky.  The Muslim neighbors will have no choice but to listen to the Gospel message as it is preached through the P.A. system.  It was at such a retreat as this many years ago that Pastor Rogers submitted his sinful life to Christ, asking for forgiveness and placing his trust and faith in the salvation offered by Jesus.  Truly this is a blessing to see these children serving in such a manner.  Just a few years ago these kids struggled to feed themselves each day, sometimes stealing to provide for themselves.  Now they stand in front of their community following in the footsteps of Christ.  Mathew 20:28 For the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life a ransom for many.  All of you that have been supporting and praying for the children at the New Hope Initiative's Children's Home in Sierra Leone have played a part in the children's lives.   Please pray for the success of the retreat and that ears and hearts will be opened to Gospel of Christ.

 God bless and Merry Christmas,